Why do you hold the meet ups? We hold meetups for two reasons. 1. We hold Café meetups in the neighborhood the of individuals we support, so they can get to know others in their community. By going to a... Read more
We asked some of the families what has Plan Edmonton done to help you?
This is one mothers response about her daughter. Carla's daughter Mackenzie (24) has Down... Read more
Puberty with any teenager can be a tricky business and a time of immense change for everyone in the family. If your child has special needs on top of that, the flood of teenage hormones can become overwhelming... Read more
We are here to help make connections, it could be in the community or on one on one levels. Here at Plan we prioritize quality time, and inclusion. This video explains what we can do for those who ask for help.... Read more
Feeling lonely seems to go hand in hand with being isolated, but there’s a difference, according to a growing body of research. It’s no secret that people who are socially isolated tend to be at greater risk... Read more