Personal network

At PLAN Edmonton we guide individuals and their families through the process of developing a personal network to support our loved ones - now, and well into the future.

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Who is PLAN Edmonton?

We are the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network, a family directed organization that supports individuals who face isolation, often due to a disability, by facilitating personal networks which lead to relationships, community involvement and a safe, meaningful life.

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Why join us?

We help connect your loved one with a personal network of friends.

For those who have a child or relative requiring support the question, “Who will take care of our children when we are gone?” is a pressing concern.

DreamMaker's Club
Endowment Fund

You can help individuals with a disability fulfil their dreams of living an independent and meaningful life by joining our DreamMaker’s Club. Read more »


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Eldon and Anne Foote Foundation
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