Who we are

Our vision

A future where all people have authentic personal relationships, community involvment and a safe, meaningful life.

Our mission

To support individuals living with physical, mental and intellectual challenges and their families by facilitating social connections and intentionally building authentic relationships.

Our values

Caring relationships are the key to safety, security and a good life. Cultivating loving networks for individuals with disabilities is the heart of PLAN’s work.

Contribution equals citizenship. People with disabilities have important contributions to make to our communities, and PLAN works to ensure the people it serves are recognized for their contributions.

Self-sufficiency makes us more effective. Independence from government funding enables PLAN to advocate on behalf of individuals and families without fear of consequences.

Commitment to family direction. PLAN is structured to ensure it will always be directed by and accountable to families.

Our team

Our committed team ensures each PLAN Edmonton member and family are well cared for and keeps our unique organization running well.

Meloney Patterson, President of the PLAN Edmonton Board of Directors
Donna Brothers
Shefali Khoja
Tina Sarno
Michael Senchuk
Susan Taylor
Dave Derraugh
Marlene Williams

Jamie Gore - Network Coordinator