Safe and Secure: Six Steps to Creating a Personal Future Plan for People with Disabilities by Al Etmanski
A Good Life: For You and Your Relative with a Disability by Al Etmanski
Sharing, our stories, ourselves, our success by An Anthology of empowerment stories for caregivers

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The following organizations are licensed as Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network Affiliates.
Together, PLAN and its affiliates form a mutually supportive voice for people with disabilities and their families.

Partners for Planning
Toronto, Ontario
Tel/Fax: 416-232-9444
Thunderbay Family Network
Thunderbay, Ontario
Tel/Fax: (807) 577-0034
Lethbridge Association for Community Living
Lethbridge, Alberta
Tel/Fax: (403) 327-2911
PLAN Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
Linda Tanigami, President
Tel/Fax: 403-263-8226
Citizen Advocacy
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel/Fax: 613-761-9522
Planned Lifetime Networks
Kitchener, Ontario
Tel/Fax: (519) 772-4399 ext 2760
LifeSPAN (Lifetime Secure Personal Assistance Network) at The Together Center Campus
16315 NE 87th St. Suite B-7
Redmond, WA 98052
Tel/Fax: 425.883.9867
PLAN Okanagan
Kelowna, British Columbia
Tel/Fax: 250-860-2080
Regina, Saskatchewan
Faith Savarese, Executive Director
Tel/Fax: (306) 790-5680
Family Link
Boulder, Colorado, US
Tel/Fax: (720) 266-2797
PLAN of Arizona
Phoenix,Arizona, US
Tel/Fax: (602) 759-8180