DreamMaker's Club

Perhaps you or a loved one have been touched by PLAN Edmonton. Maybe you feel gripped by our vision to ensure a future where all people have authentic personal relationships, community involvement and a safe, meaningful life. If so, you might want to consider becoming a member of our DreamMaker’s Club.

The DreamMaker’s Club is for those special individuals, families and organizations who make a donation of any amount to the PLAN Edmonton Endowment Fund. These gifts are not spent; they are invested forever and the income is used to fund our ongoing programs. And we are careful to keep our administrative costs to less than 1%. As well, families may prefer to endow a fund in the name of their choice as part of the PLAN Edmonton Endowment Fund.

Your donation in the form of cash, stocks, bequest or other planned giving can ensure a bright future for our PLAN Edmonton members. The DreamMaker’s Club gives you the opportunity to extend the reach of PLAN Edmonton to more individuals who are looking for support, resourcing, purpose and hope.

Please contact us if you would like to join the PLAN Edmonton family by becoming a DreamMaker today.

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