Puberty with any teenager can be a tricky business and a time of immense change for everyone in the family. If your child has special needs on top of that, the flood of teenage hormones can become overwhelming to you and the young person. You may even find you that need extra support to help you to get through this time.

Mark Brown knows exactly how hard some families can find this transformational time. He's worked with people with special needs for 30 years, both in the NHS and in direct work with parents and families.

Mark founded Special Help 4 Special Needs in 2010 and works with a range of individuals with various special needs, including children and adolescents who have a diagnosis of Autism/Asperger's Syndrome. One of Mark's specialist areas is sexuality and puberty including sexualised behaviour and today he's written for us from his experience.

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Teenage years and special needs: from angel to devil and back again

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