Why do you hold the meet ups?

We hold meetups for two reasons.

1. We hold Café meetups in the neighborhood the of individuals we support, so they can get to know others in their community. By going to a neighborhood café on a regular basis they have the opportunity to connect with others who also go there and perhaps make some new connections and develop meaningful friendships.

2. Individual PLAN members & their friends & families have an opportunity to connect with each other, to develop a supportive network within the PLAN Edmonton Community.

How do the members benefit from them?

1. Members benefit by increasing their circle of friends and decreasing isolation. People with disabilities are at risk of and/or are living in isolation due to the many barriers they may face connecting with others including getting out into the community.

2. Members benefit by having the opportunity to have fun and experience different activities and events in the community.

What does PLAN Edm get out of the meetups?

1. As an organization PLAN gets Increased exposure in the community, leading to an increase in the awareness of who PLAN Edm. is and what it does. This leads to an increase in family/individual members who would benefit from PLAN Edmonton’s Network Facilitation.

2. As the Network Coordinator I get to connect with the individuals, families & facilitators in the community and see that the networks are connecting & growing. I also get to see how much everyone enjoys the meetups, including me as socialization & belonging is such crucial aspect of healthy living for everyone involved!