PLAN Edmonton Membership

PLAN Edmonton believes that to become a full and active lifetime member, it is important that families are familiar with the philosophy of the organization and committed to actively participating in its continued strength and success. To that end, PLAN Edmonton's membership structure shows the entry point as being the Yearly Membership. This Membership allows families to experience establishing a social network and learning the PLAN philosophy. After a minimum of one year, families have the option of applying for Lifetime Membership. Applications will be considered by the board to determine if all the criteria for obtaining a Lifetime Membership have been met.

After a family has had a Lifetime Membership with PLAN Edmonton and actively participated on the board and/or committees for five years, they are eligible to apply for an Honorary Lifetime Membership. This membership does not mean that families are no longer expected to participate in PLAN Edmonton, but rather that their rate is reduced as an acknowledgement of their continued contributions.

Friends of PLAN Edmonton ($30/yr)

  • Safe & Secure
  • Invitation to social events

Yearly Membership ($275.00)

  • 2-hour planning meeting with PLAN Edmonton
  • 10 hrs. of network development support
  • Facebook page if desired
  • Facilitator support
  • Safe & Secure book
  • Newsletter
  • Social events

Lifetime Membership ($175.00/yr. for five years)


  • Family has been a yearly member for one year.
  • Family must complete an application form that is approved by the board.
  • Family must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the board, that they understand the commitment involved in Lifetime Membership.
  • Family must go through an interview process with at least two board members.

Included in Lifetime Membership

  • Future planning
  • Yearly review of network by Network Coordinator.
  • One vote on board
  • Social events
  • Reduction of facilitator fees to 30.00/hour


  • Family-to-family lifetime commitment
  • Active involvement on board and/or committees.
  • Agree to include resources to sustain family members network.

Honorary Lifetime Membership


  • Commitment to PLAN Edmonton demonstrated by five years of active involvement as a Lifetime Member for five consecutive years.
  • All Honorary Lifetime Memberships must be approved by PLAN Edmonton’s board of directors.

Included in Honorary Lifetime Membership

  • Ongoing support of Facebook network
  • Yearly review of network by Network Coordinator
  • One vote on board
  • Social events