PLAN Edmonton Membership

PLAN Edmonton believes that to become a full and active lifetime member, it is important that families are familiar with the philosophy of the organization and committed to actively participating in its continued strength and success. This one time Membership Fee allows families to experience establishing a social network and learning the PLAN philosophy. Included in that fee is up to 10 hours of discovery time spent with the Network Coordinator. At the end of this discovery phase we will be ready to match you with a facilitator to begin creating a network.

** Membership ($250.00)**

  • Up to 10 hours with the Network Coordinator to create the Road Map.
  • Facebook page if desired
  • Matching with a facilitator
  • Safe & Secure book
  • Newsletter
  • Social events

Families will recieve a bill for direct Facilitation $35.00 per hour up to ten hours per month.


  • Family has a desire to be on the team and cooperate and engage. Be willing to trust in the process and hold on 'differently' Be willing to share the load.
  • Family must Co-Create the workplan with the Network Coordinator and be proactive to support the work the facilitator is trying to accomplish. The Family is driving this ship and the Network Coordinator will ensure things are moving smoothly.

Included in Membership

  • Future planning
  • Ongoing support from network by Network Coordinator.
  • Access to our professional facilitator team
  • Connection to our other families and a wider PLAN Edmonton group
  • One vote on board
  • Social events


  • Family-to-family lifetime commitment
  • Active involvement on board and/or committees, if possible.
  • Agree to include resources to sustain family members network.