Plan Edmonton A.G.M.

Here at Plan Edmonton we want to keep things fun and relaxed and have all of our facilitators and clients enjoying each other’s company. So instead of having a meeting in an office we take it to the park and make it a celebration and a fun experience. This increases the participation. This year the AGM/picnic was well attended.

We elected Meloney as president, Michael treasurer, Susan is the new secretary, & Donna, Shefali & Tina still board members.

We are still looking for at least 2 more board members.

We added bean bag toss game this year and it was a hit. The weather was perfect! New facilitators were introduced to everyone and we ate hotdogs, potato salad and watermelon to our hearts content.

It was such a wonderful event.

If you want more information on what Plan Edmonton can do to help you please drop us a line.