Loneliness is now considered to be an epidemic among young and old alike, what researchers call ‘the silent plague’. Today there exists a great need for authentic connection, for everyone.

For the parents and caregivers of a loved one living with disability, the stakes are much higher: Confronting social isolation is an absolute must – relationships are the cornerstone of building a good life and safe future for any person who is vulnerable. Relationship-building requires intention, strategy and patience but it can be done.

What's in it for you

  • How ‘regular places, typical things and ordinary people’ help people living with disability to flourish
  • 5 practical actions encouraging supportive relationships
  • Why an inclusive society benefits everyone

Speaker: Susan Beayni

Susan has been a leader and advocate in the disability movement for over 25 years. Since co-founding Plan Toronto (now Partners for Planning) in 2009, Susan has assisted individuals who are vulnerable and their families in developing support networks and planning for a meaningful life, today and into the future. Susan also has wide-ranging experience in consulting with families with a child with a disability through her work with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Centre.

Susan is the mother of 33 year old Rebecca, who has had a support circle in place since she was nine years old, with numerous person-directed planning sessions throughout her life.